Lori J. Ashley


Born and raised in upstate New York, I developed an abiding appreciation for the natural world from my parents.  After college in Vermont and graduate school in Milwaukee, I worked in a variety of increasingly responsible positions in private and public sector organizations.  By the grace of great mentors and generous colleagues, my organizational and strategic skills matured and I found my niche as a business generalist with a passion for the detail and complexity of records management.  When I created my consulting company in 2003, I picked the name and image of a useful and versatile plant as my brand. 

Tournesol is French for “sunflower,” a native annual flowering plant with strong, deep tap roots. The origin of the flower’s common name is derived from its habit of turning its flower head towards the slight as the sun moves across the sky.

My company tagline “Securely Rooted / Forward Facing / Records Management for a Changing Environment” reflects my philosophy and strategic, positive approach towards addressing our shared records and information governance challenges and opportunities.