How Did You Spend GIGD 2016?

DId you know that the third Thursday in February has been designated an international holiday - Global Information Governance Day (GIGD)?  If not, you already missed the 2016 holiday but don't despair ... you've got an entire year ahead of you to prepare for the next one!

I celebrated by listening to a BIA Knowledge Leadership webcast by thought leader Jeffrey Ritter who has a new book out called "Achieving Digital Trust: The New Rules for Business at the Speed of Light."  I met Jeffrey years ago at the Managing Electronic Records (MER) Conference and wanted to hear what he has been doing.

Jeffrey didn't discuss the kind of digital trustworthiness that my friends and colleagues in the digital preservation space have been working for decades to raise awareness about.  Jeffrey was promoting his new model for Information governance, namely the rules-based management of digital information assets to create or preserve wealth.

His target demographic are for profit companies and his pitch is that data has economic value that can be used to create wealth. He advocated a shift away from justifying IG as a risk management expenditure to promoting the engineering of systems to consistently apply measurable rules to ensure validity and integrity down to the level of each and every transaction.  In other words, enable computers to help us calculate and demonstrate trust.  When combined with what he explained as the velocity principle, this new approach to Information Governance can make significant contributions to a company's bottom line.

How did you spend IGID 2016?  Write and tell me.